Philip Spatafora PMP
Program and Project Management, Asset Tracking and Controls

A 20-year veteran of the wireless industry with roots in heavy construction, structural upgrades, modifications and development.

Janet Fisher Esq.
Risk Management, Real Estate and counsel

Licensed by the Bar Association of the State of New York and expert in wireless real estate development and leasing

Santo Spatafora
Operations management and Maintenance

An expert in maintenance, process and deployment.  A 17-year veteran of the transportation industry


Vulcan MMS is a division of NVC,  family-owned and operated since 1983.  The Vulcan division was created to better serve the needs of the wireless industry through collaboration and cooperation. Vulcan works to not only serve our clients but to bring to the surface new ideas and cutting edge industry standards and practices.  Together,  the directors and officers of Vulcan offer more than 75 years of knowledge base in the Construction, Wireless, Transportation and Real Estate Industries.



Understanding our clients' needs and delivering the finest service focusing on communication and project scope is only the beginning of delivering quality service.  Proper planning, development of processes and communications are the core of our expertise when driving towards goals.


Building mutually beneficial relationships based on respect, openness and reliability.  Respect is a value brought to us by our previous generation of management.  Respect for our clients and vendors has always driven us to use win/win tactics in helping us deliver premium performance.


Analyzing information and client needs to provide excellence in quality control and assurance with a focus on continuous improvement is at the core of our strategy.  Together with value-based analysis quality is more than a measurement, it is a method for delivering the greatest value with the understanding that quality does not cost money, it saves money.


Delivering the best value based on client demands while driving towards goals, our belief is that value comes in many forms.   Pricing, budgeting, scheduling and maintenance are all topics that we include in our value wheelhouse which is examined to expose those items which provide value that sometimes go ignored.