Vulcan delivers smart, process-driven solutions focused on providing the most quality products at the best value.  Vulcan has been designed to combat growing operation expenditures with solutions custom designed to keep the proper balance between preventative and call out maintenance through property asset management methods, statistical information, processes, standards and industry best practices.  Since their inceptions, Vulcan and NVC have been a project management process-driven organization based on LEAN fundamentals whose goal is to deliver value.

Property Management


Vulcan specialized property solutions are designed to help you focus on running your operation and delivering your product without the task of managing your facility, with management and maintenance plans custom-tailored to the demand and need.  Services include general property management, grounds maintenance, real estate services, asset management, tower management and much more all with a focus on cost savings.

Construction Management

Vulcan prides on having a complement of construction managers on staff.    Each one of our construction managers is mentored by an experienced project manager and delivers proper scheduling and budgeting metrics along with first-class field management, well written daily logs with weather reports and top-notch client communication


Real Estate and Zoning


Lease management, zoning requirements, landlord negotiations and replacement sites are a fraction of what Vulcan is capable of.  Vulcan specializes in colocation management, colocation coordination record keeping and asset control.



​Operations Management


Small projects or large projects Vulcan can assume operations responsibilities.  Coordination, staffing, budgeting, and strategic deployment when operations get overwhelmed with tasks Vulcan can assist and grow or make lean operations to meet the demand of our clients.

​Project Delivery


Vulcan project managers follow the PMI method for project delivery with skills adaptable to any project.  Vulcan specializes in delivering on time, on budget projects using expertise and toll in planning, budgeting, scheduling and execution from business case to close out. 

Asset Management


Our asset management program is unique and effective. From Tower assets to equipment Vulcan can manage inspections, manage colocation activities, reference data for accuracy and extend the life cycle of your structure.  Vulcan can catalog equipment, backup power systems, machinery or any other item that requires regular maintenance to stay in working order Vulcan data tracking systems can help organize and keep your equipment running. 





Buildings, structures, facilities and equipment.  Vulcan's approach to maintenance is preventative.  With data and asset tracking systems, we can plan your next inspection or equipment maintenance.  And with proper maintenance schedules, Vulcan can keep your equipment operational.

Quality Control and Assurance


Delivering quality is more than following a plan.  For Vulcan, it is driving towards statistical goals that are well plan and executed.  Vulcan operates on the premise that Quality does not cost money, it saves money through well-planned processes, published standardization and effective control systems.